How to Clean Jewellery at Home !!

How to Clean Jewellery at Home”

It is important to know how to clean jewelry at home, because if you ask any jeweler to clean your jewelry then they will charge for it. and trust me, it is very easy to clean jewelry at home but, you have to be careful while cleaning them because jewelry is a very soft thing to take carelessly, especially 22k very soft gold jewelry. Usually, there are many ways to clean jewelry but we have two matured to clean jewelry at home.

“Method ONE”

  1. Take water in a bowl and warm the water on the gas stove, take care, the temperature should not be more.
  2. Then take 1 spoon of turmeric powder (Haldi powder) and mix it in warm water.
  3. Then take 1 spoon of detergent powder and mix it in warm water and then mix them properly.
  4. Put the Ornaments you want to clean in that bowl and keep them for 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. After that Clean them with a soft brush slowly and gently.
  6. then wash gold ornaments in clean water, they will be as clean as new.

“Method TOW”

  1. Take a little Toothpaste in a bowl (any toothpaste), mix some drops of water in it.
  2. Then put the paste on the Ornaments.
  3. Rub the Ornaments with a soft brush gently.
  4. Then clean the Ornaments with clean and warm water. 

Remember, jewelry is a precious thing so clean them carefully.


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